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INTERVIEW: Naomi De Haan, Edge o’Beyond

Erotic lingerie AND jewellery? Meet London-based Edge o’Beyond.

Founder and designer Naomi De Haan offers a brief (pun intended) overview of the brand and their marketing.

BRIAN GRAY: So, Naomi, tell me more about your own lingerie background, and your decision to launch the brand.

NAOMI DE HANN: I have always loved design and as I grew up I was drawn to pretty lingerie and jewellery so I decided to start a brand that merged the two. We are still the only brand to combine lingerie and jewellery.

It’s refreshing – and arguably more effective – to see a brand identity which potentially conjures up images or impressions of something, rather than the name of a person (which doesn’t convey anything). Tell us more about the importance of the name, why you chose it and how you’d like your target audiences to perceive it?
Edge o’ Beyond is the name of the house I grew up in with my parents and 4 siblings! Family is hugely important to me, I’m very close with all my family members and they have inspired me and helped me so much with the business. Each range is named after a family member too.

Who do you define as your target customer? What attitudes and attributes will they likely possess?
A fashion-conscious female who has an eye for detail. She buys into lifestyle brands as opposed to throw away fashion. She is independent and knows the power of beautiful lingerie and how it boosts confidence and empowers her.

You sell both lingerie and jewellery. Are you finding that customers are looking to buy one more than the other when they visit your website? Or is there a segment who come away having bought something from both ranges?
People love the jewellery attachments, a lot of the time, our customers will buy the lingerie first then add on the jewellery in another order.

What three adjectives would you want your customers to associate with your brand?
Unique, empowering, beautiful

As well as a visually appealing website, you regularly post on social media. Tell us a bit more about your social media strategy and execution, and your thoughts on its effectiveness in relation to your overall marketing efforts.
I love our Instagram, I post in 3s, so 3 posts per day, it keeps everything neat! We have nearly 90k followers on Instagram now and this converts nicely into sales through the site.

What has been your personal highlight so far with your involvement with the brand, and why?
Seeing our work being worn by people like Gigi Hadid and Nicole Kidman is always extremely exciting. I also love having pop up shops and getting to meet our customers! We have just started a private Facebook group for our female customers but I can’t tell you what goes on in there…

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve been given, and from who?
“You can’t dance at everyone’s wedding”, so when you see buyers and they tell you all the different things they want from you, you have to politely decline and stick to what you’re good at! This was from a lovely mentor of mine.

Time is our most precious commodity. How do you maximise yours, and what tips have you picked up along the way?
My entire wardrobe is black, this way I can get ready in a minute as everything matches! For me lingerie is the most important part of my outfit anyway! Also, on a more practical level, I carry my diary everywhere and as a team we use Asana to keep organised.

And what do the next twelve months hold in store for Edge o’ Beyond?
SS18 sees the launch of our lingerie inspired swim range!!!! Watch this space…

Thanks Naomi!  

Pop over to the Edge o’Beyond website to see Naomi’s wares. Look out for them on Instagram too.

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