INTERVIEW: Monika Tomcalova, Persephonie Ncredible

Persephonie Ncredible is the London-based fetish lingerie and jewellery brand helping you to release your inner goddess.

Multi-talented Founder, Designer (and everything else as well!) Monika Tomcalova talks more about mythological inspiration, her brand, blogging, even Playboy, in this insightful glimpse into her world.

BRIAN GRAY: So, let’s start at the beginning. Who is Monika Tomcalova, and what brought you into the world of fetish lingerie and jewellery?

MONIKA TOMCALOVA: I am originally from Slovakia and have now been living in London for the last twelve years.

I was very young when I came to the UK to study Psychology. It was a massive shock and a major step towards what I really wanted to do with my life. After getting my degree real life happened and I got caught up in the daily grind of working life. The monotony of this repetitive cycle left me with the feeling that something was missing.

I have art in my blood, my Dad was a musician, and I really wanted to share my creative side with the world. I was always into dressing up and I loved sexy costumes and niche lingerie. To begin with I only wanted to create one piece of lingerie for myself and when I started to look for materials, upon entering trim shops my mind went into overdrive with many ideas and I just could not stop creating. I would like to show women that they are beautiful, sensual and they can wear really amazing bespoke pieces and make them feel like Goddesses. I would really like to concentrate on how women feel, help them to love themselves, but I would like to do this gently with understanding of their individuality.

You’ve certainly chosen a distinctive name: Persephonie Ncredible. How did you arrive at this particular identity?
Persephonie is altered from the Greek Goddess of the Underworld, Persephone. This Greek myth is amazingly dark, very powerful and full of symbolism, describing how Persephone became a real woman. I chose this name because I just instantly fell in love with it, the mystique of it all. I knew right away this was the perfect identity for my brand. Besides, I always try to use original names for my products so I am always searching for distinct words and names.

Who do you define as your target customer? What attitudes and attributes will they likely possess?
At the moment my target customers are from the fetish community mostly, but also people who would like to play and people with a love for extravagant jewellery. Mostly for open-minded individuals who wish to stand out a little.

What three adjectives would you want your customers to associate with your brand?
Erotic, mysterious, wild.

A well-positioned company seeks to ‘own’ one word in the minds of consumers (i.e. Volvo and ‘safety’). What would be yours?

Your website is a visual feast: beautifully shot models in equally distinctive locations modelling your own unique wares. How much involvement do you have with both the photo shoots and the website? And how do you manage your time?
Ha, this is an interesting one. Everything you see on the site is out of my ideas. I even created the website from scratch, the lingerie used was all handmade by me. The administration of social media content and art projects are all managed by myself. I am of course collaborating with talented artist photographers, MUA’s, models and illustrators. I am very grateful for all the input they provide in order to bring my ideas to life. It is so important to find people and have a commonality you can just click with. Strong collaborations are ever so vital for my projects. I’m now beginning to realise how much goes into running a business. It takes up pretty much all my time and is not just a case of creating and selling: this has pretty much taken over my life, in a good way.

As well as a visually appealing website, you regularly post new blog content. As there are many content marketing methods available to employ, what made you decide on blogging? And how effective do you perceive it to be in relation to your overall marketing efforts?
I didn’t really set out to create blog content. I sort of wanted to add substance to my website with an interactive part about upcoming news, creative works and collaborations I do. I am working on many projects and it is not always displayed in my website gallery. I use the blog to try to explain to my audience what I do and how I do it. I would like to inspire them and tell them that everything is possible and not always easy as it looks on the pictures. I would like to try to use the platform to invite people for events, collaborations and to even promote offers to potential customers.

Major bragging rights are surely awarded to you for being invited by Playboy to showcase your brand at one of their parties. Tell us more about the evening. How beneficial was it, and in general how important do you view face-to-face exposure like this for brands such as yours?
It was extremely fun!!  Slovakia is a very conservative country. In general people tend not to be very open-minded and edgy topics or publications like Playboy can still make people a little shy. I have to say that I massively enjoyed all my interactions at their event. I met some very chatty individuals and even had the pleasure of listening to their secret fantasies and fetishes.

It is very important to be there with potential customers and talk to them, to help them and boost their confidence a little, because by the end of the day, we are all the same.  I was also recently interviewed for the Slovakian edition of Playboy, so I really hope I will help to Slovak customers to be more open and more natural about sexuality. I would like to shine a light into this dark area, open the door to it little bit more…

What has been your personal highlight so far with your involvement with the brand, and why?
I always say every little success is big and important for me and for my brand. I always give my all to every single project I am involved with. Every bit of success will take me somewhere else. It really is an amazing feeling when a project works out after long hours of hard work and sleepless nights. So I say: “Everything is important.”

What has been your biggest marketing challenge so far, and what steps are you taking / have taken to overcome it?
To be professional at all times.  It is difficult not to be personally involved when your work is a piece of you. With every piece I sell a piece of my heart.

What are the most valuable things you’ve learned so far on your entrepreneurial journey?
I’ve learned that if you love something, you believe in yourself and you put your heart and soul in to it, opportunities will start to pop up out of nowhere. My advice would be: never say no to an opportunity. Sometimes you will have to do volunteer work or something totally not related at all to what you do. This just helps with exposure and can lead to other ventures. You cannot be always right, and you might not like everything published but that is fine.

Most valuable advice is, to ignore discouragement, as discouragement will be all around you all the time.  It is important to learn what direction is best for you and what is good for you and who you are even when the results may take few years to show.

And what does the next twelve months hold in store for Persephonie Ncredible?
I am actually planning my year 2018 at the moment. I believe that next year will be a very busy year full of changes and transitions. At the moment I am already planning two fashion shows and around eight pop-up shops in London, Prague and hopefully Germany. A new collection and photo shoot will be on the way.

I am of course going to try to push boundaries in countries where fetish is still a hush topic. Also I would like to move from fetish community to regular people and to their bedrooms. I would also like to go back to writing my articles and stories, as I’m beginning to miss it a little at the moment.

Thanks Monika, for an extremely open and insightful look into your world. Here’s hoping you and Persephonie Ncredible reach mythical levels of success!

No doubt you’re already in awe of Monika’s fantastic images let alone her items for sale. Head over to the Persephonie Ncredible website for more, and say hello to Monika on Instagram and if you’re really keen, Twitter too.

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