The Lascivious Marketing Guide to the Businesses of Love and Lust

Lingerie Industry Snobs: Know your Place!

Is the lingerie sector guilty of being a bit too precious about whose company they keep?

In all the sectors that can be included in the umbrella industry of love, sex and everything in between, the lingerie sector is arguably the one to care most about branding and positioning.

Firstly, it’s great to see lingerie marketers looking out for their brand. This is entirely understandable, and highly commendable. For the most part, lingerie isn’t a commodity purchase. If a branded item is of genuine high quality and carries with it a premium price, then the brand values and touchpoints should reinforce this.

But the industry could collectively have a bit of a reality check too, and realise their position in the grander scheme of things.

Unfortunately, there’s an impression that the lingerie industry can be snobbish when considering the other sectors involved in the love and lust business. This has been backed up with one or two personal discussions I’ve had where I’ve had the distinct impression this has been the case. I’m not mentioning names.

Here at Lascivious Marketing our target sectors have a common link: they all play their part in the journey of lust, love, and maybe, just maybe, happy ever after (no promises, ‘mind), from the very start. Lingerie is but one sector.

Need a bit more convincing? Take a look at this highly elaborate piece of infographic-ery I rustled up to visually bring home just how many other sectors the lingerie sector has for company when it comes to your fellow man and woman satisfying their love and sex lives.

The Lascivious Marketing Guide to the Businesses of Love and Lust
Hey lingerie sector, ‘think you’re operating in isolation? Think again.

There are probably quite a few other sectors that should be added to the list but these are the ones that most quickly spring to mind
[Should we perhaps add ‘Lawyers’ too, or is that being a tad pessimistic? Yeah, let’s leave it out!]

So while certain lingerie designers may be spending a lot of time and effort in positioning their wares as aspirational, premium-priced items that suggest quality, elegance, and style etc etc….  they also need to accept that if their wares are being worn with more baser instincts in mind, there’s a good chance they will be part of a bigger picture – if even just for one evening – that involves products and services from other sectors.

“But we’re the lingerie industry…”
Yes you are, but when considering the wide range of goods and services consumed in the context of love, sex, and relationships, you’re not operating in isolation. Far from it. If Dita von Teese, who many reckon is the epitome of glamour and style in her skimpies, can attend the Erotica expo back in the Noughties – which was also choc-full of exhibitors punting everything from bondage duct tape to other mischievous wares – then you can get off your high horse.

“But, but…’re involved with sex toys! Smutty cock rings and dirty dildos!”
Yes, and not to put too fine a point on it, there are some very expensive – not to mention ornate and of the highest quality – sex toys out there which easily exceed the price of a pair of your beloved skimpies. And probably bring about far more pleasure to their owners, too.

So there.

Furthermore, have you ever considered the fact that your own beloved customers may very well be putting such toys to use in their own encounters while adorning your prized items? How do you like them apples ?!

At the end of the day, lingerie designers and marketers have no control over how customers wear their items, in what environments, and doing what with whom. In actual fact, they don’t have too much control over their brand either. They can ‘manage’ it as much as possible in terms of visual identity and touchpoints, but they can’t manage how it’s perceived by their target audience who are the true brand arbiters. And they’ll do what they damn well please with whoever’s items of intimate apparel.

Or would snobby lingerie designers and retailers prefer laying down some ground rules? Accompanying the care instructions for how their skimpies should be washed and dried, will be some usage instructions too.

“XXX Lingerie’s brand means everything to us. In fact, it’s far more important to us than your purchasing of one of our items. So, that means you can’t use dildos while wearing this item, or be wearing it while on a sexy rendezvous, especially if there’s the chance it’s going to be a sordid no-strings attached variety, tut tut. Nor can you wear it in a sex club, even a posh one, or in fact be getting up to any mischief at all. Better still, just don’t wear it. Leave it in its nice box comforted by its protective tissue paper. Thanks awfully. XoXo ”

Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? So let’s all grow up a little. If lingerie designers and retailers accept that the above is nonsense, but can’t accept that the Lascivious Marketing client base may include fetishwear and dildo retailers as well as those in the lingerie sector, it’s more than a bit hypocritical. Lingerie is not the sole actor in the love and lust sector. And neither is it when it comes to the sectors covered by Lascivious Marketing.

We love to work with companies and individuals who care about their brand. But at the same time, we will also ensure we work with people who show common sense, gumption and with feet firmly on the ground.

If you’re turning your nose up at Lascivious Marketing because we attend to other sectors, such as adult retailing / sex toys, you’re the type of client we wouldn’t want to be associated with either, for numerous reasons.

Now, let’s get back to spreading some love… marketing!

If you’re a lingerie company and you’ve got no issue at all with the company we keep, and you’d like to chat about your marketing and how we can assist you maximise your marketing effectiveness, get in touch. I don’t bite…..unless you wa….ahh, you’ve heard that a thousand times.

Until next time!

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