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‘Time for a Lascivious Marketing update?  Our thinking too.

Website content, interviews, magazine and book writing, newsletters: there’s a lot to cover!

I hope you’re enjoying the mix of industry interviews and pearls of marketing wisdom from Yours Truly. There’s a gamut of talent out there and it’s refreshing to feel – albeit through reading – the ambition pouring from interviewees when talking about their respective journeys, the marketing issues being faced and how they manage things. It’s always been my hope that these interviews will be thought-provoking and act as a catalyst for your own ‘light bulb’ marketing moments.

Here’s the current selection for you to click on and read:

Jessie Maeday – Elysian Latex
Liam McKenzie  – Couples Playthings
Nataliya Vakhovskaya – LoveBox
Pierre & Hannah – Slap Stick Club
Rachael Purnell – Innocent Sex Toys
Martin King – Sinsins Boutique
Jo – Velvet Fleurs
Sophie Thorne – Twisted Lingerie
Eva Cincar – Persian Palm

And for future use just type ‘interview’ in the search function on the top right of the website (magnifying glass icon) and each one will be listed.  Or use this weblink to find Lascivious Marketing interviews.

Do keep coming back here as the interviews are an integral part of the website plus there’s some great sexySMEs lined up to appear. And as for further down the line, maybe it could be YOUR #sexySME company being highlighted.

Some of you will have already seen my original Lascivious Marketing interview for European erotic trade journal, EAN, a few months ago, whereby I explained the raison d’etre of Lascivious Marketing, and the type of help we provide to adult retailers and associated companies.

Since then, involvement with EAN has deepened. Starting this month, I’m writing a monthly marketing column for the European erotic trade magazine, EAN. You can find my first offering, titled “It’s Good to Talk,” on page 60 of the July edition, which you can either download or view online. I hope you find this – and all my subsequent words there – enjoyable, but more importantly, thought provoking, and stirring enough to make you act on them to drive your own #sexySME onwards and upwards.

Last month, Lascivious Marketing and EAN jointly announced an adult retailing research programme designed to provide the industry with some robust data that would provide insight into the state of the industry in the summer of 2017. The findings will be instrumental in driving discussion and debate among industry professionals and ideally serve as an excellent foundation on which to base subsequent survey waves at regular intervals.

To this end, an opt-in adult retailing industry research panel has been created, which will be managed by Lascivious Marketing. Industry professionals who sign up can look forward to giving their opinions throughout the year on key issues.

Have YOU signed up to join the panel? Seriously, if you’re involved in adult retailing, your views are important and they do matter. You belong in the research panel: it’s as simple as that.  And while it was hoped that the inaugural survey fieldwork would have already been completed by this time and I’d be neck deep in tabulations and key driver analysis, the reality is somewhat different. In a nutshell, we still don’t have enough panel members to make the survey a worthwhile exercise. Even if there was a 100% response rate from those already signed up, the subsequent dataset could not be considered robust enough to stand up to scrutiny, nor would it allow for any sub-group drill-downs.

As there hasn’t been any industry research survey like this conducted before, there’s no benchmark established for likely response rate. Therefore, it’s really important that there are sufficient numbers of panel sign-ups. And the sooner those materialise, the sooner the survey can be launched – it’s that simple.

So, if you’ve not signed up yet and you want to participate, don’t put it off. Sign up now!

It’s tough when you’re building a #sexySME business. More often than not there’s a constant battle between time and money to contend with. If you had the money but little time, there could be a number of things you’d outsource to skilled contractors or agencies to fulfil. Alternatively, perhaps your cash flow just won’t allow you to outsource marketing work, and you either have to do the work in-house, regardless of how time-starved you already are. Or….even worse, the marketing work slips further and further down on your to-do list. And as you should know by now, marketing your business is a constant activity: ignore it and you’ll suffer.

So what’s a #sexySME marketer (or entrusted with it) to do? Lascivious Marketing may just be able to help out. If you have the time, the motivation, and the desire to get stuck in yourself, there’s a forthcoming book dedicated just for you.

Yes, you read right. There be a book being written just for you sexy adult sellers!

And the name of this mighty future tome?  There’s currently a working title….all will be revealed later!

Writing has already begun so watch out for more info as the project progresses. We’re really excited by this as we can now provide marketing assistance that’s affordable for every #sexySME owner and marketer. Remember, we’re on a crusade – making marketing sexy – and actionable – for all adult retailers, regardless of budget. We’ve got your back!

When the Lascivious Marketing website first appeared, adult retailing professionals were invited to sign up to receive ‘Six of the Best’ – literally six of the best adult retailing news stories or marketing articles for your reading delectation.

In the busy past few months, I decided that at least initially people would probably prefer to read about other people, especially within the industry. Hence the growing number of interviews featured on the website.

Now that there’s a healthy number of people signed up, together with a decent amount of interviews the time is right to launch the newsletter. Now….. this presents a bemusing issue. Months ago with a plentiful supply of lofty intentions, the plan was to provide a Six of the Best for each sector (dating, lingerie, sex toys, fetish wear and events). Then I read a great article about email marketing, written by a chap who’d sent millions of them. One of his key learning points is that there’s absolutely no point in segmenting email content. Much better is to include various segments in one email.

So….is one weblink per sector sufficient? Probably not. That’s the end of ‘Six of the Best’ then (a shame as I really enjoyed the saucy double entendre!). Perhaps ‘Decadent Dozen’ will be the new moniker….wait and see.

If you’ve read the first EAN Article or my interview with the Ukrainian Media Marketing Review you’ll have got a good flavour for what Lascivious Marketing is about. But it’s also the kind of information that should be on the website as well. Don’t worry, this hasn’t been forgotten about. In fact the webpages have been created months ago, it’s just a matter of getting a consistent look and feel for them. It’s also a delicate balancing act regarding content. How much is too much, especially when for many #sexySME owners, this might be the first time to be exposed to marketing concepts and frameworks and so forth?

So bear with me while we strive to get the balance right. Of course if you’re champing at the bit to discuss any marketing projects, you know what to do!

So, that’s it for now. Remember and say hello on Twitter or sneak a peak on Instagram, and above all: stay sexy, competitive, and marketing-led!