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Risqué-taker interviews, inquisitiveness and inspiration

Who are today’s erotic entrepreneurs and Risqué-takers? You’ll find some of them here on the Lascivious Marketing website. But why interview them?

Actually, there’s a couple of very good reasons. Learn why this is the case, together with advice for those in the hot seat!

I’m hoping you’re enjoying reading the regular interviews featuring erotic entrepreneurs (“Risqué-takers”). I’m also hoping you’re learning a thing or two from the experiences and opinions of your industry peers. Ideally, you’ll finish reading an interview and compare the thoughts and feelings with your own journey. Are there similarities or is there a chasm separating the pair of you?

Needless to say, the interviews will keep on coming, as long as there are bright young (or older, there’s no ageism here!) things competing in the business of love and lust and everything in between. There’s two reasons for this.

Firstly, there’s an obvious win-win. An interview brings exposure to a brand scrapping it out in the marketplace. When the brand is also inextricably tied to a living, breathing human being, there’s interest among industry peers and potential customers to learn more about the person behind the brand. What makes them tick, how they run their business, and so on and so forth.  At my end, there’s some more valuable content for audiences to absorb. And it also means getting to know seriously interesting people.

If you’re conceiving and running a business in the erotic retailing industry, you might feel it can be a lonely and pretty unforgiving place. So there’s nothing quite like knowing what your contemporaries are up to and what they’re thinking. Not necessarily to try and gain the upper hand per se, but just to be able to see what others are thinking, going through, and managing the whole experience.

Secondly, well, this is where it gets personal. Can you keep a secret? Good. You see, when emails arrive from Risqué-takers with attached completed interviews I get the same sense of anticipation as when receiving a set of customer research data tabs.

Whether it’s quantitative “eight out of ten cats prefer it” survey data or more qualitative depth of insight – like with the interviews – it’s the same thing. The feeling of learning something new, gaining insight on something or someone. Wondering what golden nuggets will reveal themselves. The fact it’s in one of the most interesting, enjoyable and exciting industry sectors adds to the fun. We’re not selling refrigerators or cavity wall insulation – be grateful indeed for small mercies!

As an aside, when I was a younger marketing researcher, I was thrilled to be putting my passion for marketing research and insight to any category. Later on, this isn’t enough. Trust me: over the years I’ve worked on projects involving pet food, coffee, credit cards, insurance, building and construction and a whole bunch more. Those are not sexy sectors, by anyone’s standards.

So when I click open the attachment, I’m wondering:

  • What will it reveal?
  • What can be learned from it?
  • What impact will it have?
  • What will other readers think of it, and take away from it?

There: I’m out of the closet!

Aah, so you’re a Risqué-taker that fancies being featured in the not-too-distant future?  Well, you just never know when you may receive a Tweet or an Instagram message from me asking if you’d like to participate. But one thing’s for sure. To have any hope from the get-go, you need to:-

  • possess a genuinely distinctive brand and visual identity
  • clearly differentiate yourself from the others out there (if you don’t have a clue about this, I suggest you do so…quickly!)
  • have a vision, a mission, and a plan for achieving it
  • be expressive – one sentence answers don’t cut it here
  • have a number of visually appealing images that will add impact to the interview and the featured image.

This is your opportunity to tell your story to not only other members of the erotic retail sector, but maybe, just maybe, potential customers too. And remember, us industry members are consumers too. Make the opportunity count.

Don’t look upon it as something to hurriedly get out of the way so you can get onto the next item on your lengthy to-do list. You’re missing a trick. Your responses, the way you write, what you choose to convey, all can be harnessed to maximum effect – if you take a little time to carefully consider how best to answer them.

Before immediately typing your answers, consider it from a reader’s perspective. Read the other interviews. Which ones did you like reading, and why? I’ll bet the most enjoyable ones are also the most informative, and the most expressive. And, accompanied by equally expressive and evocative imagery. That’s certainly how it works for me and I’ll wage a hefty bet that I’m not in the minority.

If you don’t have time to go through all of them, I’ll understand so let me point out some notable ones that encapsulate what I’ve just mentioned:

Silvia Picari – the artisan sex toy maker from Italy

Liva Steina – the Latvian lingerie lady

Monika Tomcalova – Fantasy fetish lingerie and jewellery

Julia Akers – transforming online sex and intimacy education

Peter Cooke – serious about marketing to the BDSM community

Martin King – shopkeeping without the sleaze

They’ve offered an honest account of themselves and the running of their businesses. There’s genuinely something to learn from their thoughts and opinions. Furthermore, their own personality shines through.

And when it’s a personal interview with a business or brand owner, remember that while people may not always buy from people they like, I can guarantee they won’t do business with someone they dislike. Unless their sole consideration is price. And I can’t see that given what kinds of products we’re talking about here.

When the interview is up, spread it around. Pass the weblink to your own social media followers. You spent a wee while taking part in it, so doesn’t it make perfect sense to capitalise on it as much as possible, now it’s done and dusted? It’s yet another opportunity for your own followers to see the person behind the brand and to inform and educate, and perhaps even entertain them accordingly. And with the bare minimum of effort for you, the interviewee. You’ve already done the hard work. Some additional tweets or Facebook posts or mentioning it on your own blog with the links takes just a few minutes. It’s increasing your exposure and because it’s on another platform it has credibility and authenticity.

So, who’s next to be featured?  You? 


If you’d like to be interviewed about your entrepreneurial journey and associated marketing issues that will be interesting to the Lascivious Marketing web fraternity, then get in touch!

Until next time!