Branding, Identity and Positioning

Lascivious Marketing helps your dating, lingerie, pleasure products, or fetishwear company create, nurture and manage unique, memorable and distinctive brands that resonate in a crowded adult retailing market.

If you’ve not heard it before, read it now: ‘branding’ is NOT merely the logo above your shop or the banner of your website. And from in-person interactions with your customer-facing staff to reading a magazine advertisement and everything in between, there are dozens of ways your customers touch your brand.

How fit for purpose is your #sexySME brand and visual identity? Is it one that generates a warm and fuzzy feeling inside you whenever you see it on your marketing collateral? Yay! Or is it one that has you – and your lost customers – looking away disdainfully, or with embarrassment every time it comes into view? Oh dear.

Lascivious Marketing can help customer-focused adult retailers and manufacturers whatever stage you’re at.

“Congratulations! It’s a brand!”
Awww….your new born brand. But will it look like a wee sparkler or will it have people running for the hills (or at least bodyswerving away)? What are the values held dearly? What is your brand vision and mission?

Growing up
You’ve got your visual identity out there for everyone to see and you’ve been trading for a wee while and fighting all the way to get established and recognised in your sector. Are your brand values and identity reflected through all your customer touchpoints? How is your brand perceived by your customers, and how does it compare with the competition?

Pass the vitamins!
Been around the block a bit now, have we?  Feeling the pressure to perform, a little? When you need to revitalize your brand / brand identity (and there are many reasons for this) or ensure consistency or even merge with another company, it’s time to take action before it’s too late.

And how do we help?
As we’ve already said, branding is a vital ingredient in your company’s success. Get it wrong, and it’ll be the biggest millstone around your corporate neck. With that said, we can offer end-to-end project management incorporating all or some of the following key elements:

  • Brand audit
  • Market and stakeholder research
  • Marketing / competitive / language audits
  • Brand strategy formulation
  • Brand name and identity design
  • Touchpoint design and implementation
  • Brand perception research
  • Brand management metrics
  • Project management

And how do we do all this? Ah well, we’ve got a range of techniques. Trust us.

We don’t want this to be the longest webpage of all time going into the finer details of branding. And believe us, it could be – easily.  We have however already waxed lyrical about the importance of branding and there will be plenty more blog posts coming so keep your eyes peeled.

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