Marketing Effectiveness and Insight

If you’re not measuring your marketing, how can you hope to manage it, never mind see the benefits from it? Metrics, analysis and insight expertise from Lascivious Marketing.

Would a performance athlete run laps around the track without a coach armed with a stopwatch? Of course not: it would be farcical. How would the athlete know if he or she was performing at the required standard? How could they hope to qualify for major competitions if they didn’t know what their time was? How would they know whether they were inproving – or not – in their performance over time?

It’s exactly the same with your #sexySME business. How do YOU know whether your erotic retailing or manufacturing company is in rude health, or in its final throes in the absence of key marketing metrics?

INCREASE YOUR SALES. Know the possibilities.

Calculating your share of wallet is a tremendous eye-opener for your erotic retailing business. You’ll get:

  • a clear understanding of who else your customers are buying from
  • a real appreciation of how much (or little) of customer discretionary spend is coming your way, rather than to your rivals
  • invaluable insight for future marketing and sales targets and campaigns


We know your marketing budget isn’t bottomless. Every Pound, Euro, Dollar (or whatever your currency is) counts. And more importantly, every second of your time does too. Time waits for nobody, even erotic retailers!

Don’t be the village idiot who spends time, effort, and money on things which have no bearing on sales, and aren’t event appreciated by customers. Instead, will you be the smart cookie who makes it all count for something?

Let us help ask the questions that your customers need to be answering. In return you’ll get:

  • invaluable insight on what product / service features actually matter, and to what extent
  • revealing quantitative data on how you perform in key aspects
  • clear direction on which areas require strengths to be exploited, dangers to be urgently addressed, and areas to be monitored for future action


Whether you’re selling direct (B2C) to end users or other companies (B2B) in the sector you’ll still have to know your customers and know whether you’re giving them a reason to smile (bravo!) or run away (uh oh.)

Do you think every disgruntled customer spends time writing to complain if they have received poor service? No, they slink off into the open – and very welcoming – arms of your rivals.

Our customer satisfaction research services will enable you to:

  • know how you are performing in key product / service aspects
  • identify problem / improvement areas for immediate rectification
  • highlight similarities and differences between different customer segments and their input on future marketing activity

TEMPTED? There’s more!

The above are just a few examples of the importance of good marketing metrics for your dating, lingerie, sex toy, pleasure products, fetishwear/equipment or adult events company. Here are some more for you to consider.

KEY MARKETING METRICS(and there's many more)
customer satisfactionshare of wallet
brand perceptionwillingness to recommend
brand / retailer loyaltyusage & attitude
communications effectivenesscustomer lifetime value
demand elasticityevent feedback


It’s tempting for companies lacking marketing expertise to acquire all their metrics from something like Google Analytics and bother no more. Big mistake. And here’s why.

Web analytics software is great for analysing your website – not your customers, and certainly not their attitudes, consumption, and so on. Beware anyone who tells you otherwise. What does your web analytics tell you about their wants, needs, or how much they spend elsewhere, and with whom? Good luck finding those metrics on your own site analytics.

It’s also tempting for companies to try their hand at conducting their own customer / marketing research, utilising the plethora of online survey applications. While in theory anyone can conduct customer research with online survey tools, good survey design is something that is learned over time. If one day you picked up a paint brush, some paint and a blank canvas for the first time, would your end result be comparable to Da Vinci? Of course not. Yours would suck, big time.

It’s the same with marketing research. Just because someone can ask questions on an online survey tool doesn’t mean the subsequent data is going to be usable. Believe us, we’ve nearly wept when looking at – pardon our language – bloody awful surveys that were probably originally written on the back of a fag packet.

SEE THE LIGHT! Be illuminated.

Seriously, how can you make decent, never mind good, marketing decisions in the dark, devoid of metrics and actionable insight? Leave that for the losers. Be a winner: you know what to do now.