How We Help

Lascivious Marketing provides a range of key marketing services for companies and brands competing in the business of love and lust.

Below is just a taster of how you can benefit from the expertise on offer, how it can help give your business some ooh la la, make your bottom line look better and see your profits rise.

Marketing isn’t a one-off activity, it’s a continual cycle of activity. And while individual elements within the marketing cycle will have clearly defined start and end dates, the overall activity of identifying, understanding and meeting (preferably exceeding) the wants and needs of your customers is a never-ending one.

Therefore, to help you along the way, our services are highlighted in the context of this cycle as per the image above.

Branding & Identity
Just beginning your #sexySME journey and need an impactful and meaningful identity that really encapsulates who you are and what you stand for in the market? Or perhaps you’re already slugging it out and need to determine how its perceived by your customers? Click here to learn more…

Vision, Mission, and Values
It’s no use going into business without understanding why you’re doing so in the first place and what you want to achieve from it. Lascivious Marketing can help you establish and clarify your key raison d’être and your other key guiding lights and principles for you to compete with conviction in your business sector.

Marketing Audit
Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been up and running for a while, you still need to know the answer to the vital question: where are you now?
Afterall, if you don’t know this, how the heck do you know if you’re heading in the right direction?
Our marketing audits will provide you with the insight you need to act as the perfect base for all your future erotic endeavours – commercially at least! We’ll look at your customers, competition, and yourselves as well to say the least. Click here to learn more…

Marketing Planning, Objectives, and Strategy
Had a marketing audit? You’ll know where you are. Now you’ve got to identify where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there.  Lascivious Marketing can work with you to help you plan your journey ahead, set your marketing objectives, and decide your overall approach and the tactics employed. Don’t even think of going into business without a plan. Click here to learn more…

Marketing Communications / Content Marketing
The days of interruption marketing are long gone.  Content that is not only tolerated, but eagerly sought after is another story, however. That’s where Lascivious Marketing can come in to add some serious oomph to your communications. Whether it’s on your own website, sent out to your own subscribers, or conveyed on social media, you need great content. Click here to learn more…

Despite the ever-increasing reach and impact of online marketing, there’s still a place for in-person, honest to goodness face-to-face interaction and experiences. Whether you’re launching a new product range, celebrating a milestone, organising an awards ceremony at home or abroad, or some other reason to engage with your most important audiences in the flesh, we can help.

Marketing Effectiveness / Customer Research & Insight
How do you know if your marketing is hitting the spot and leaving you more than satisfied? Until you start measuring key metrics, the simple answer is, you don’t.  “If it can be measured, it can be managed,” advocated guru Peter Drucker. And who are we to argue.

From the outset we want you to understand that we in turn understand you – and your business. We know only too well you’re faced with juggling your most precious commodity – time – with financial and other demands. Only you can make the decision whether to bring outside help in to raise your marketing game or do it yourself – and juggle your balls (and time) accordingly.
Click here to learn more…

Even better yet, you get to choose how you wish to get us involved with you. Professionally speaking of course.

You have a number of options available to you regarding how you’d like us to work together. These include:-

Day rate
You get our time and expertise for a specified number of days. Pretty self-explanatory really. Best for small tasks, or where there is little time needed for information absorption and familiarity.

Fixed project fee
Best employed when there are clearly defined multiple elements to be undertaken. The project aims, objectives, parameters and tasks will be clearly scoped out and agreed upon before work commences. Any necessary changes to the project specification once started will be discussed and agreed upon before actioned. Projects can either be one-off or continuous (such as research tracker projects)

Perfect for when you want our expertise for a set number of hours each month, possibly for repeat tasks.

In-house support
If you really want your marketing to not only make an impact among your customers, but to show your employees the level of commitment you’re making to move your business onwards and upwards, bring us in-house for several days per week. Best considered for when you have multiple projects and requirements requiring constant effort for several weeks or months at a time.

Depending on the type of expertise required and nature of the tasks to be performed, some of these options may not be suitable. We’re happy to advise accordingly once we’ve spoken with you and understand your marketing requirements more clearly.

Whatever you decide, if you want help mulling the options, you can always pick up the phone for an exploratory chat or send a message – either way works.