Let’s Talk Shop

In just 60 minutes you’ll never feel alone, unsure, and fearful again when marketing your business.

Feel more confident, full of ideas, direction and vigour from letting it all out with a qualified, experienced industry marketing confidante – and without any of the blushes.

Who can you really turn to when you you’ve got a pressing marketing issue or concern that’s keeping you troubled during the day and awake at night? It’s not going to be your family and friends who aren’t in the industry and/or lack the marketing acumen. They’re either not qualified, or they might be biased either way. Or they might simply tell you what they want you to hear. None of these are helpful. It’s not going to be your industry peers who you’re directly competing with either: no matter how ‘chummy and supportive’ they are. And as for talking with your local business support organisation, who’s going to feel more embarrassed first, especially if you’re selling some of the edgier products in the business of love and lust?


Industry solopreneurs and small business owners like yourself can face the same problem: wishing you could talk confidentially about the marketing and entrepreneurial issues on your mind with someone qualified, experienced, yet independent from the day-to-day running of the business. But in order to have these sorts of conversations, you’ve normally had to pay for marketing consultancy or tried to squeeze in ad hoc conversations with an agency account manager you’ve given work to. Both options invariably come with a significant price tag. And it’s not the perfect solution either.

But what if you could discuss the marketing issues that are stressing you out without spending consultancy project prices? How good would it be to be able to speak candidly and confidentially to someone within the industry and with none of the embarrassment of speaking with an outsider? Of course you’d be interested, right?


Lascivious Marketing understands the pressures facing solopreneurs and small business owners like yourself. Whether you’re in the dating or matchmaking business; lingerie, fetishwear, adult clothing; pleasure products and other key sectors within the overall business of love and lust, helping and supporting you has always been at the core of Lascivious Marketing’s mission.

And that’s why you now have the opportunity to talk freely about the marketing issues that are on your mind with myself, Brian Gray – Founder and Head Consultant. The Let’s Talk Shop initiative offers you the opportunity to talk candidly and confidentially for an hour (or more if agreed beforehand) by phone or video call about whatever marketing issues are on your mind. These might for example focus on:-

  • external political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal factors (known as the marketing macro environment) affecting your business and marketing performance
  • specific marketing areas within your company, such as: branding and positioning; strategic choice and management; marketing planning and strategy; customer insight and analysis; marketing communications; personal branding; content creation and so on
  • wider marketing and entrepreneurial issues and challenges
  • entering the business of love and lust

It’s not just the subject matter that is up to you. It’s also the nature of the calls. It could be a brainstorming session, a consultancy-style Q&A, wanting to run an idea or thought by me, or a completely spontaneous conversation on a topic which can go anywhere as if we’re in a café or bar having a drink together. It really is up to you.


Good question! And a more than fair one too. And one I’m happy to answer in order to give you the knowledge and confidence to make the right move for you.

  • You’ll be talking with a QUALIFIED marketer
    That’s right. With a Masters Degree in Marketing from a prestigious marketing department within a top ranking global business school you can be heartily reassured that you’re talking to someone who knows, understands and subsequently executes the fundamental tenets of marketing.
  • You’ll be talking with an EXPERIENCED marketer – not an inexperienced newbie
    With over twenty years – two decades – of marketing experience in Scotland and London across multiple industries as well as the adult retailing sector, you’ll be getting the thoughts, the expertise, and the nous of a commercially savvy marketing practitioner.
  • You’ll be talking with an INTELLIGENT questioner and listener
    With both commercial and personal qualitative research interviewing experience (face to face, telephone and online) under one’s belt, as well as good consultant client handling skills, you can be assured of a well-structured and managed call. In short, I know what questions to ask, when to ask them, and more importantly, when to shut up and listen.
  • You’ll be talking with someone who GENUINELY gives a damn
    Absolutely true. Helping solopreneurs and small businesses succeed isn’t just a key part of the Lascivious Marketing mission. Our modern way of life can’t survive without a robust, thriving economy full of ambitious, law-abiding and savvy enterprises catering to the needs of consumers. In short, your success matters to everyone.
  • You’ll be talking with someone who’s WORLDY WISE
    To many people the world’s gotten crazier since 2020 and making sense of it has arguably gotten harder too. With a parallel background in international relations and professional experience in geopolitics and economics, you’ll be talking with someone with an additional appreciation for the bigger picture and the important issues likely to affect your business: something all too often ignored by the marketing community.


Here’s how to set up your call.

STEP 1: Enter your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page to get the ball rolling.
STEP 2: You’ll be contacted shortly after to discuss matters further, to arrange time and call method (audio/visual, telephone/Skype etc.). Then a payment invoice (standard pricing for 60 minute call is £95 UK Pounds for audio call, £115 UK Pounds for video) will be sent to you.
STEP 3: Once payment has been received the call will take place at the agreed time.


I’d always like to think so! But don’t take my word for it when it comes to my marketing chops in the business of love and lust.

I would fully recommend Brian for his marketing research – and wider marketing – expertise, and look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Jason Maskell, CEO, AdultXfunding, ex-Chairman Adult Industry Trade Association, ex-Marketing Manager, Harmony

My qualified marketing experience and pragmatic, informed opinion has also been recognised by the primary adult retailing publications, XBIZ Premiere and EAN for the global and pan-European markets respectively. While given the opportunity to write impactful marketing op-eds for XBIZ during 2018-2019, it has been Europe’s premier erotic trade publication, EAN, where I’ve been given free rein to write about the marketing topics that matter, for over four years – and counting. If judged – and respected – by the company I’m keeping, then I can’t ask for more.


There can never be a guarantee given for the subsequent effects of any marketing work as there are simply too many variables, one being the very emotional and often irrational nature of us humans. But I can steadfastly offer the following assurances when it comes to your Let’s Talk Shop call with me:-

  • For an hour I’m all yours
    You’ve paid for my attention, and you’ll have it without distractions (excluding physical emergencies).
  • I’m thinking about you and your business
    I’m not thinking about what I’ve got in the fridge for dinner while we’re talking.
  • I’m trying to help you and your business succeed
    In the hour or so that we’re talking I’ll be doing my level best to help you on your journey.
  • I’ll be honest and transparent throughout
    You’ll always get my honest opinion or assessment. It really is the best way. And if you’re seeking advice or opinion on something I’m relatively unfamiliar with, I’ll be upfront and tell you this during initial correspondence. You can then decide whether to proceed or not accordingly. By the way, terms and conditions will be provided during corresponence,


I’ve done enough talking for the time being – it’s now your turn to grab the bull by the horns and drop me an email. Whether you’re still considering entering the business of love and lust, you’re a relative newcomer, or you’re a seasoned veteran, I’m here to help and offer my support, especially if you’re operating on your own and don’t have someone to confidentially confide in.

But do hurry! Slots for the calls are limited in any given week and allocated on a first come first served basis. And as time is indeed our most precious commodity, don’t neglect the fact that just an hour or so of your time spent productively with me on the phone may help to save you many hours in the future (and money too) armed with a renewed sense of clarity, direction and focus. It’s up to you. Afterall, a problem shared is a problem solved.


    What do you want to talk about?