Lascivious Marketing has a clear mission: making your marketing rise to the occasion.

But we’re not just about the current mission in hand. We have loftier ideals regarding the business of love and lust. Read on for more details.

As raison d’êtres go, yes it’s somewhat fruity. But when sex and suggestiveness have been used to advertise far more boring products and industries, it would almost be criminal to not employ such tropes in our industry, n’est-ce pas?

The Lascivious Marketing Mission
Lascivious Marketing is here to help companies big and small around the world operating in the ‘business of love and lust’ by providing expert marketing services in several key areas. From our significant levels of marketing experience and knowledge accrued from four decades of combined experience across the toughest industry sectors, we’re able to provide clients with the required clarity, direction, and focus in which to further thrust forward to achieve their marketing objectives.

As mission statements go, it succinctly whets the appetite without becoming too overindulgent (there’s enough of those flying around at the best of times, as I’ve mentioned previously on the very topic of mission statements). But For some elaboration on some of the key elements, we’ve got you covered there too. For instance, ‘the business of love and lust’ is our overall umbrella term for all the disparate sectors that are nonetheless connected when it comes to matters of the heart and hormones. And there’s a lot of them! Some – such as sex toys, erotic lingerie, fetish wear and accessories – are the obvious ones, especially when the media are concerned. But there’s much more.

In terms of our services provided, we can help you throughout the key marketing planning and activity stages, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned veteran or taking your first tentative steps.

What about our self-professed marketing experience and acumen? Scrutinise our profiles to your heart’s content. And as for the end results, well it’s true. Increased clarity, direction and focus are the key overall benefits regardless of the exact nature of your project and the specific objectives to be met and activities to be undertaken.

The Lascivious Marketing Vision
Having a mission to achieve in the here and now isn’t the same as what we hope to see in the future. With regard to the latter, our vision is that Lascivious Marketing will be helping more and more companies in the business of love and lust across all the sectors. We’ll be providing a wider range of services to companies and offering the best value at the same time. And we’ll be duly recognised throughout the industry for our efforts.

Sure, we’ll charge for our consultancy time and expertise – we’re a business afterall. But, we’ll be doing our bit to provide as much free information and resources as possible to help companies who are juggling the pressures of time and money. We know it’s a constant challenge for many. We understand, believe us. And we want to help.

Our Vision for the Business of Love and Lust
You’ve heard of what we’d like to see in the context of our own company. But what about the wider business of love and lust?

We’d love to see every company (from sole traders and upwards) seduced – for all the right reasons of course – by the need for good, solid, effective marketing within their organisations. We want to see these sectors become as renowned for marketing effectiveness and customer service and satisfaction levels as they are for raising eyebrows – and other things – from the wares being sold. As industry visions go, we think this is a damn good one.

That said, we’re not naïve fools. We’re well aware of the challenges faced in seeing such lofty ideals come to fruition. For instance, there’s still a widespread belief that marketing is somehow only optional for a company’s survival, never mind continuing success. This is ludicrous, and we’re not afraid to butt heads to explain why.

In fact, it’s one of the key reasons for providing a whole host of marketing tips and advice for free on the website and by email. You’ll learn and see how you can successfully profit from becoming less of a production or sales-oriented company and becoming more of a marketing-led, customer-focused firm. Trust us, it’s so worth it.

Our chargeable services will also aim to provide a range of options that can make an impact – regardless of where you sit on the ‘time vs money’ scales. We know it’s a delicate balancing act for many companies out there, so do remember that we’re here to help accordingly.

We hope we’ve not scared you off. Besides, you’ve got to be a pretty open-minded sort of person if you’re visiting this website to begin with!

So, after our rather rambunctious introduction, you’re perhaps wondering who’s steering the Lascivious Marketing ship. Wonder no more.