Actually it’s more than that. We want to seduce – for all the right reasons – companies throughout the dating, adult retailing, lingerie, fetishwear / equipment and singles / adult lifestyle events sectors to instill an industry-wide appreciation of what good marketing is about and the positive effects that can be felt, regardless of company size.

We want to see these sectors become as renowned for marketing effectiveness and customer service and satisfaction levels as they are for raising eyebrows – and other things – from the wares being sold. As missions go, we think this is a damn good one, n’est-ce pas?

Unfortunately there’s a lingering belief that marketing is somehow only optional for a company’s survival, never mind continuing success.

Bullshit.  And we’re not afraid to butt heads to tell you why.

To this end, we’re going to giving a whole host of marketing tips and advice for free on the website and by email. You’ll learn and see how you can successfully profit from becoming less of a production or sales-oriented company and becoming more of a marketing-led, customer-focused firm. Trust us, it’s so worth it.

Sure, we’ll charge for our consultancy time and expertise – we’re a business afterall. But, we’ll be aiming to provide as much free information and resources as possible. This will especially benefit smaller companies who are constantly having to juggle time and money. We know it’s a constant challenge for many. We understand, believe us. And we want to help.

Our chargeable services will also aim to provide a range of options that can make an impact – regardless of where you sit on the time vs money scales. We know it’s a delicate balancing act for many companies out there, and we’re here to help.

We hope we’ve not scared you off. Besides, you’re a pretty open-minded sort of person if you’re visiting this website to begin with!

After our rather rambunctious introduction, you’re perhaps wondering who’s steering the Lascivious ship. Wonder no more.

Passion. Pleasure. Profit.