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Whether you run an internet dating site or app, an exclusive personal introduction and matchmaking service, or sex and relationship counselling or coaching service, Lascivious Marketing can help.

Let’s face it: the category attracts a lot of media attention – for good and bad reasons. Dating site members are often viewed as commodities for building a database rather than individual consumers. They’re also perceived to be easy targets by journalists who love associating dating sites with scandals or crimes.

Sex and dating coaches and counsellors don’t have it easy either. It’s tough juggling existing client work with the demands of creating and maintaining awareness of your services and your own personal brand and providing great content building among your target audiences. There’s never enough hours in the day, is there?!

What can YOU be doing to make your own operations stand out from the crowd and in turn, help raise the reputation of the category in general?

Lascivious Marketing offers dating companies, coaches and counsellors help in brand and identity development, marketing planning and strategy, customer and market research, and subsequent communications and events expertise.

Consider the following questions:-

How do users initially become aware of the site?
What marketing communications techniques could be better employed?

What influences users to use your site and services rather than someone else’s?
What influenced your key rivals’ users to use that site and not your own?  How can you rectify this?

Gap Analysis
In what areas are your clients’ expectations being met, exceeded, or unmet?
Where do the gaps exist when also compared with key competitors?

Engagement and Satisfaction
How engaged are members with your site and services as opposed to the others they may use?
How satisfied are members with the service provided?

Loyalty and recommendation
How likely are your users to defect to another provider?  What can be done to prevent this?
How likely are they likely to recommend your services to others?

What is the range of acceptable prices that you could charge?
When will it become too pricey that your users consider switching?

Branding and Positioning
How is your site perceived by potential and current users?
How appealing is my site to target users?
Is my positioning correct in the minds of potential and current users?

We know it’s awfully tempting for dating sites and other dating services to substitute their web data for customer insight. It doesn’t work.

Your own site analysis figures will tell you a lot, but not everything.  What about the user who has spent 30 minutes on a particular profile page:  are they studying it intensely to get inspiration for their breathtaking, initial message to that person, or have they actually been sitting on the sofa watching television for the last half hour without logging off?

Rely on web stats at your own peril.

Call us to discuss how good customer insight and effective marketing can help you and your customers find love at first ‘site’.