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Are you ready to dominate?

Let Lascivious Marketing help you get your commerical ‘kink’ on!

Sure, the fetish scene has its clichés: latex and leather-bound Dommes, Subs, and switches abound. And certain garments – and materials – are instantly associated with it.

Nonetheless, in a world with over 500 recognised paraphilic fantasies coupled with the reckoning that one in three people have a sexual fetish, that’s potentially one rather big whopping sexy market size.

Are you ready to be the ultimate ‘Switch’ in the fetish marketplace? Simultaneously serving your customers while coming out on top of your rivals?

If so, here’s a few ways in which we can ably assist you:

  • accurate market and marketing research services to give you superior insight into your customer base: how they think, how they choose, how they spend – and how YOU will benefit.
  • using this insight to formulate dynamic, marketing plans and decisive marketing strategies to maximise your profit opportunities
  • showing you where to focus your marketing efforts and allocate your precious time, energy, and resources to best effect
  • blazing a trail for your brand: it’s positioning, identity, and perceptions among your target audiences.

And remember: these are just a few! Head over to the SERVICES section of the website to get to grips with the expertise available to you.

We know it’s a tough old world out there, competing in this sector. Despite the fetish world being an exciting one for those participating, it can be a struggle for those competing. So whether it’s to talk about your own marketing project or to discuss the possibility of industry-wide syndicated research that will uncover the fetish market – at an affordable price – don’t be shy. Get in touch: afterall, it’s not in your nature!