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Whether you’re online only, have a shop, or have both, the objectives are still fairly similar.  Potential customers must be aware of your company, your products and your services.  They must be sufficiently interested to want to know more.  Having done so, they need to have a desire for your products before taking the action of purchasing.

But in these tough economic times, it’s hard knowing what your customers and prospects are thinking without good research and insight. Lingerie has been touted as a sector that has largely escaped from domestic cost-cutting, whereas big ticket items such as holidays, cars, home entertainment are having a tougher time.

If discretionary income is lower than what it used to be, consumers will be making tougher decisions than what they’ve been used to making.  Do they compromise on quality versus quantity, or do the opposite: buy less items but actually spend more money on select items perceived to offer superior value – even if more expensive?

When money is tight, customers tend to stick to tried and trusted brands. Lingerie is no different. If you’re a new brand entering the marketplace, do you have the marketing weapons at your disposal to stake a claim? A strong brand identity? An engaging social media presence?

Key Questions
The key questions you should be asking yourself about your lingerie or adult clothing business are actually pretty similar to most businesses:

  • How do you get more people visiting your shop or website – or both?
  • What do you need to do to get customers to buy? Is the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) optimised to encourage this?  What product or service lines could be improved or added?
  • How can you encourage your customers to buy more from you?
  • How can you encourage your customers to not only buy more from you, but also less from your rivals – increasing both share of wallet and mind-share in your favour.

You’re a smart cookie, we can feel it. You know these questions are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are tons more, that are just as relevant to your marketing.

Whether you’re positioned at the premium end of the market or perhaps you’re a new entrant to the industry offering a unique USP, we’ll be equally happy to hear more about your own lingerie marketing challenges.

And Lascivious Marketing is here to help. Whether it’s brand creation, marketing planning and strategy,  market- and marketing-research, events, content marketing, you can do worse than checking us out from top to bottom – at least on our website! See how our different services can really add value to your business and add that much needed clarity to your marketing operations moving forward.

Then? Well, that’s when the ball’s in your court. Ask us out, figuratively speaking at least. Pick up the phone or send us an email.