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Let Lascivious Marketing help you become the hostess with the mostest for singles events and the adult lifestyle.

Whether you’re bringing singletons together, liberated couples together (or everybody and anybody in between and either side, for that matter!), there’s no shortage of competition.

But does YOUR singles or lifestyle events company have what it takes to rule the roost?

You’re not a run-of-the-mill service company. As a singles events company or an adult lifestyle business or resort, you’re selling hopes, dreams, perhaps erotic fantasies too. Your members’ heartstrings – and in some cases, g-strings – will be tugged.

That’s where Lascivious Marketing can join the party, playing a key role in your continuing success.

Think of the following areas crucial to attracting and retaining members:

  • What do members think of your brand? What does it stand for?
  • What aspects of your service are most important? Furthermore, which of these are most linked to overall satisfaction – and probably repeat revenue?
  • How do other attendees make them feel? And to what impact will they influence decisions regarding future event attendance?
  • How likely are members likely to recommend you to others?

Through our marketing and customer research experience and wisdom, we know a thing or two about customers. Most importantly, it’s all about how they feel during and after your events that determine whether they stay faithful to you, or call time on your relationship together.

Furthermore, in direct contrast to most personal relationships that end, there’s no big row, there’s no uneasy conversation in a neutral location, or tactless text message. Nope, the vast majority of disappointed customers simply vanish quietly.

With our customer research experience, you can receive detailed – and measureable – feedback concerning your events, that can translate into solid, actionable steps for improving your service and subsequent satisfaction among your members. And that means smiles, and perhaps wicked grins, all round.

Of course, we’re not just one-trick ponies when it comes to the singles and adult lifestyle event sector. Check out our other services we can provide. From marketing planning to brand-building, we’re the folks you should pick up the phone to call. Or email. We’re not fussy – in that regard anyway.

We’d love to help you raise your member satisfaction levels, your profitability, and yes, a champagne-filled glass or two for good measure.

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