Why choose Lascivious Marketing?

It would be flattering to know we’re chosen because of our sparkling personalities, our knowledge and skills, determination, and ability to laugh and get on with things even when the world – or something equally unforeseen – is crashing down around us.

In reality though, we’d be a little bit silly if we didn’t take into account the following factors aside from the fact we’re damn good at what we do.

  • Dedicated Focus
    Sure, plenty of other agencies will offer to conduct research in these areas.  But who would you rather prefer: someone with a dedicated focus on the industry you’re competing in, or someone seeing this as just another project in an unrelated sector to the ones they’re normally involved in? Let’s put it another way.  If you had a heart problem who would you want examining you: a GP or a Cardiologist? Exactly.
  • Open-mindedness
    Other agencies – and their shareholders – may be inherently uncomfortable or embarrassed in their dealings with you, your research issues, or even the whole area of sexuality and relationships itself.  Broad minds and experience reign at Lascivious Marketing, so you can be safe in the knowledge that even the thorniest of issues can be sensitively handled and questioned.
  • Pricing
    Competing on cost alone is never a wise business move: no long-term loyalty or connection is established.  And as every savvy business person knows, mutually beneficial long-term relationships are far more worthwhile than short-term – and short-sighted – transactional relationships. The fact remains however that operating as a virtual ‘SoHo’ business means minimal running costs, especially when compared to research agencies working from more grandiose offices.  This in turn leads to competitively priced solutions where everyone can benefit.